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Stereotactic Gamma-ray Whole-body Therapeutic System (SGS-I)
  • The Stereotactic Gamma-ray Whole-Body Radiotherapy System (SGS-Ⅰ) adopts the principle of sector focusing and rotative radiation that multiple cobalt-60 sealed radiation sources arranged in fan-like sectors and collimated by collimators, gather at the same focus. During the treatment, the focused radiation beams rotate around the isocenter axis of focus, yielding rotary arch radiation and forming a very strong dose field at the focus. So the target tissues would be killed radioactively, while the surrounding normal tissues only radiated by a minor even dose.

    SGS is designed with options of incident rotary radiation areas, which enables doctors to select the best beams into incident rotary radiation areas, thus obtaining the best dose distribution and achieving the best balanced precision radiotherapy effect, with normal tissues as well as organs-at-risk spared.
    Indications for Head:

    1. Cerebrovascular diseases: arteriovenous malformation, cavernous hemangiomas, etc.
    2. Craniocerebral tumors: benign and malignant tumors like gliomas, brain metastatic tumors, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, conarium tumors, craniopharyngiomas, vascular reticulocyte tumors, acoustic nerve tumors.
    3. Other head tumors: nasopharyngeal tumors, parotid tumors, etc.
    4. Leftover tumors after regular craniotomy surgeries

    Indications for Body:

    1. Primary and metastasis lung cancers, esophagus cancers,thymus cancers, primary and metastasis mediastinum tumors, and malignant heart tumors
    2. Primary and metastasis liver cancers, pancreas tumors, cholecyst tumors, bile duct tumors, gastric cancers, cardia cancers, colon cancers, sigmoid colon cancers, and rectum cancers; kidney and adrenal tumors, prostate cancers, bladder cancers, testicle tumors, and gynaecological tumors like cervical cancers, oviduct cancers, ovary cancers, etc
    3. Primary and metastasis retroperitoneal tumors
    4. Osteosarcomas, and osteoplastic sarcomas
    5. Metastatic lymph dode tumors in porta pulmonis, mediastinum, and abdominal cavity
    6. Boost radiotherapy within reduced field for various substantive viscera tumors
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