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Multi-leaf Collimator
  • The field produced by Multi-leaf Collimator had good conformability. Linear Accelerator with Multi-leaf Collimator can do conformal radio-therapy and Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (I-M-R-T).


    1. Large radiation field:
    2. The radiation field reaches 40*40cm, and the bypassing distance of the lobes through radiation beams center is 15.5cm. Among same kind of products in current China market, this model has the largest dimensional specification.

    3. High Precision radiotherapy:
    4. MLC has as many as 120 leaves, the model has the most leaves among same kind of products in current market.

    5.  High reliability:

    The surface of leaves has gone through hardening treatment and has good abrasion resistance features. On each leaf, there is electric device using encoder to take position control, also there is multi-headed regulation resistance (patented products) used to feedback the leaf’s actual position. The leaf box takes closed loop control method using grating ruler. The core controllers of each control motor all adopt advanced PID control algorithm to take control of positions and speed for the motor. Additionally, the control software adopts redundant algorithm and safety protection control method, all of which enhance the safety and reliability of the whole system.

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